Mary Kay Sample Requests

Thank you for your interest in receiving a free sample of the Mary Kay Microdermabrasion set!

You will be requesting this sample directly from an actual Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, NOT from the corporate office.

Thus, please be aware that you will be asked to confirm your request via email.

Also, samples will only be sent to addresses in the United States.

Samples are available only while supplies last.

The Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant has the right to refuse to send a free sample if you provide false contact information on the request form.

By requesting a free sample, you will be opening a "business relationship" with the Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, therefore by emailing you or calling you to confirm your request or to follow up on the sample she has will not be committing "spam" or "telemarketing"... you initiated the relationship with her by requesting a sample from her.

To fill out the sample request form, Click HERE. Thank you!