Childe of the Light

This is meant to be a companion to White Wolf's _Vampire: The Masquerade_. I do not intend any challenge to their copyrights or trade marks. However, I would like to add a dimension to the Vampire world along the same lines that White Wolf's _Werewolf_ series is an add-on and in the same way that additional tribes/clans have been created by other internetizens.

A Childe of the Light is in many senses the opposite of a vampire or childe of the night. I don't visualize these immortal angel-type characters to be vampire-hunters (although that could easily be done) but to be protectors of mortals. Something like a guardian angel archetype, I suppose. So the _Vampire_ world would have three major character classes: vampires (children of the night, of various clans or tribes), mortals, and angels (children of the light, of various flavors). Then there are the other minor classes which _Vampire_ details: Ghouls, Werewolves, Magi, Faeries, and Ghosts.

How do Children of the Light differ from mortals with True Faith or mortal Witch-Hunters? Simply this: Children of the Light are immortal. Other than immortality, Children of the Light can take on the other characteristics of mortals with True Faith or of mortal Witch-Hunters. However, Children of the Light will tend to have different motivations from these flavors of mortals. In addition, Children of the Light might have the types of attributes described in DragonRaid.

Children of the Light could have various roles in standard Vampire games, such as:

  • watching and recording (like `the Watchers' do in the _Highlander_ world)
  • exposing the masquerade
  • rescuing and restoring to health the mortal herds, ghouls, and retainers
  • protecting mortals from becoming a vampire’s meal
  • vampire-hunting and destroying
  • resurrecting the undead back to mortal status

Appropriate Personality Archetypes

Using the White Wolf system, not all of their personality archetypes would be appropriate for a character who is a Childe of the Light. See the White Wolf _Vampire: The Masquerade_ source book for definitions.

Appropriate Archetypes:

  • Architect
  • Caregiver
  • Judge
  • Survivor
Neutrally appropriate Archetypes: These could go either way....appropriate or inappropriate....depending on how they are played.
  • Child
  • Conformist
  • Curmudgeon
  • Director
  • Fanatic
  • Jester
  • Loner
  • Martyr
  • Traditionalist
  • Visionary
Inappropriate Archetypes:
  • Bon Vivant
  • Bravo
  • Conniver
  • Deviant
  • Gallant
  • Rebel


Simiarly, not all the Abilities are appropriate, and for those that could work, not all the levels of skill are appropriate. Again, see the source book for definitions...I certainly don't want to infringe the copyright by copying the definitions here.


All the talents and levels are ok. My only caveat is to watch what the talents are used for...they should not be used for criminal or immoral activity. Remember that this type of character is an angel type of being, not a criminal or a devil.


All the skills (and all their levels) are ok.


  • Bureaucracy: all levels are ok.
  • Computer: all levels are ok. Again, watch what the knowledge is used FOR.
  • Finance: all levels are ok.
  • Investigation: all levels are ok.
  • Law: all levels are ok.
  • Linguistics: all levels are ok.
  • Medicine: all levels are ok.
  • Occult: On this one, I would make a distinction that White Wolf does not. I think it is possible to _know_ things about the occult without having dabbled, practiced, or been initiated. The _Vampire_ source book does not make this distinction. So technically, I would like to say that this Knowledge is completely inappropriate due to the fact that White Wolf does not distinguish between knowing something and having practiced or participated in the occult. On the other hand, a very strong character might be able to recognize and study the occult without becoming tainted by it. So I offer the following levels of _knowledge_ that do not include ANY form of practice or participation. Level 1: You've heard of the occult and know that it's different from various religious sects. Level 2: You've read a small handful of books about the most obvious forms of occult practice. You know how to combat some of the lightest occult influences and activities. Level 3: You've read a larger handful of books about some deeper occult practices and know how to combat heavier practices. Level 4: You've read and researched extensively and know how to combat very serious practices. Level 5: Based on your knowledge and past combat against the occult, you are able to recognize and combat the deepest practices of the occult.
  • Politics: all levels are ok.
  • Science: all levels are ok.


Many of the Disciplines are not going to be appropriate for a Childe of the Light. Since White Wolf defines them as supernatural powers, many of the definitions and examples of the Disciplines that they site are going to be twisted. Feel free to take only the good parts and leave out the inappropriate parts.
  • Animalism: levels 1 and 2 seem ok. levels 3-5 are not ok.
  • Auspex: level 1 is ok, level 2 might work, levels 3-5 are not ok.
  • Celerity: all levels ok.
  • Dominate: level 1 could be ok, levels 2-5 are not.
  • Fortitude: all levels ok.
  • Obfuscate: all levels ok.
  • Potence: all levels ok.
  • Presence: level 1 ok, level 2 could be ok if used right, levels 3 and 4 don't work, level 5 could be ok if used correctly.
  • Protean: level 1 and 2 ok, levels 3-5 not ok.
  • Thaumatury: is completely unrelated to Children of Light and is most likely very inappropriate. However, I can see a good use for levels 1, 2 and 5. That this Discipline is defined as blood magic really puts it in the realm of the occult and also means the rituals and paths described are banned. At story-tellers discretion, the following could be included if they are based on an explanation other than blood magic: discipline levels 1, 2, and 5, and path 'the lure of flames' and 'weather control'.