my heart and soul
	weep and scream in anguish
	when I read that the people
	You chose does not believe that your
	WORD is from You!!

	I cry out to you in tears!
	You listen to me, yet
	they say you are not a 
	Personal God, that You should
	listen to man and hear 
	his cry and rescue him!

	I believe You have
		ALL Power
		ALL Sight
		ALL Knowledge
		ALL Presence
 and 		ALL Life

	Forever and ever- 
	beyond the world without end!!

	my heart is blacker
	than a hole in the darkest shadow.
	My thoughts are not your thoughts.
	Yet your people believe man is good.
	Why then our Eternal separation 
	from You in our natural state?!?!?!
	Why do we not still walk and talk 
	with you in the cool of the day?
	How can I hope to save society
	When I cannot save myself
	from my enemies or my own
	mind of fear and depression?

	Only YOU are my light and 
	my Mighty Power! 
	can take care of my basic needs!

Gsod Almighty,
	my life passes out of my body
	with every breath and heart beat.
	I LONG to come live with you.
	How can this world be all there is?
	Surely I will be in Your hand forever,
	as even now, and will be directly in
	Your Presence when not present here!

God of ALL Knowledge,
	I would give ALL  I am and have.
	Especially my life.
	To only have the people 
	I love see that you 
	ARE the God of Israel!
LORD of Hosts, 
	reveal yourself
	to the People
	after your own heart!!

To the Lamb be ALL Glory
	and Power and Riches and Honor
	from now to the End 
	of the world without end!

So be it.