God Almighty, Adoni, Elohim
	The God of the wind,
	The God of the rain.

	Your thought and word cause the
  	wind to stop and the 
	rain to cease.

	At Your word, the 
	wind blows.
	From the whispering breeze
	to the screaming gale.
	When You say, the 
	rain stops.  The
	snow stops.
	For You are Master of
	the moisture of the Earth.

You have shown that the "master" of nature
cannot even be awakened or brought back
from his travels or interrupted from his busyness.
In fact and deed, You have shown him to not even 
exist at all.

	Therefore, we will worship 
	You and You Alone.
	For all time.
	Beyond the second of time
	that we call eternity.

	You control the sunlight.
	You sweep away the clouds.
	The sun could burn for three years.
	Make dust all life of green.
	You can make the sun stop in
	it's course to show Your 
	and give Your people the

	Or... when  You 
	turn Your back,
	the sun will cease to shine.
	So that Life can conquer Death.
	So that Atonement can be made.
		So that Your creation can be redeemed.

God of all Light and Dark,
God of all moisture on and above and below the Earth,
God of the breaths that roam the land whether meek or bold:
You alone are God and Master.

We Praise You and give  You
Glory and Honor and Praise and Worship.
We Thank You.
So be it.  Amen.